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Experience Iraklia..

Iraklia in action....

Iraklia is a destination that except the sun, the sea and beautiful beaches has a lot of natural beauties for the nature lovers.

It is an island with many hills and mountains that one can explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Iraklia and the other surrounding islands, and also watch a large number of rare birds.

There are numerous walk paths if you are a hiker, or if you just enjoy exploring.

But Iraklia is not only that. It has "well hidden" treasures for those that visit her and want to get to know her, as the Agios Ioannis (Saint John) cave, which is the largest in the Cyclades, and also the "speires' (spirals) that one can see carved from ancient times on rocks mostly on the north of Agios Athanasios, in Saint Mama, Panagia and elsewhere.

Our hotel was named after these "speires".

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