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The history behind the Spiral carvings

Why did we name our hotel "Speires"?

…speires is the greek word for spirals.

The ancient past of the small island of Iraklia is obvious in the present with exquisite beauty.

The spiral rock carvings of the island are dated around 3000 B.C. and they are concentric cycles intersected by a deep line. You can find them carved in various scattered rocks and stones in certain points of the island such as Panagia village, st.Mamas village and on the cliffs of the Northern Cave. Many of them were destroyed in the past because it was a common belief that underneath them were hidden pirate treasures, without knowing that the carvings were not a product of pirates but symbols of the Early Bronze Age.

There are a lot of theories regarding the symbolism of the spiral.

Some attribute them astrological knowledge, movements of the sun and moon etc. while certain archaeologists claim that they are location signs, water source pinpoints or snake symbolisms for good luck. The first who dealt on solving the riddle of these spirals was Michalis Bardanis, who among others claims that the double spiral points a settlement location and the single spiral a graveyard location.

In Iraklia the spirals face the East and probably point graveyard locations cause in both occasions there were graves near their sightings. From 1998 till now there have been spotted 23 rock graphics of spirals and concentric cycles.

So Speires, because we pay our respects to this history and we want to keep history intact…