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Beaches of Iraklia island

The coastline of Iraklia includes:

Mild sandy beaches:Ag.Georgios, Livadi, Vorini, Spilia, Alimia
Pebble beaches: Karvounolakos
Rocky beaches: Xilobatis
Steep and Rugged beaches: Merihas, Vala

Remarkable is that every coast has crystal clear water. There are regular excusrsions with speedboats during summer that include a tour around Iraklia and beaches that aren't accesible to vehicles and hikers.

It's the most easily accesible beach for those who are not in the mood for walking or log transports. The waters have a beautifull tirqoize colour and the trees on the sand give a nice place to rest from the sun.

Big sandy beach that streches both in width and in legth. The small island Venetiko in front of it and the view of Shinousa island complete the scenery. Livadi is on the way of Panagia and it's the beach most prefer due to it's easy access. Ideal for children as it has shallow waters.

With pebbles and relatively easy access alongside with a beautiful hiking route about half an hour from Panagia.

A small beach between Meriha and Alimia. The feature that establishes Karvounolakos unique is the remarkable colour of it's waters. The best way for access is via boat.

Ideal for scuba or free diving as in it's ocean floor lies a german aircraft that was shot down during World War 2.

Vorini Spilia
Mild sandy beach on the northern section of the island, near Ag.Georgios. It's waters are crystal clean and clear because of the northern winds.

Low rocky beach northwest of the island. If you happen to be there at sunset, you will be enchanted by the feast of purple tones that paint the sea.